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Lake Strobel, aka “Jurassic Lake” – Argentina

In a remote corner of the Argentinian Patagonia, in a wild inhospitable land of incredible beauty exists a very special destination for the adventurous fly fishermen – Lake Strobel, also known as “Jurassic Lake”. There is a growing consensus that this may in fact be the best trophy rainbow trout destination in the world. Rainbow trout in the five to ten pound range are just average fish here while on every cast you have real a chance of catching a 20 pound+ monster.

With its prehistoric landscapes and its rainbows of incredible proportions, its no wonder that sport fishermen have re-christened these waters with a name like Jurassic Lake. It is all the unforeseen result of the original 1996 stocking of rainbow trout in the Barrancoso River, the only river which feeds the lake. It is what happens when you combine a hardy strain of rainbow trout with a unique cocktail of crystal clear waters super oxyginated by Patagonian winds that whip the lake, an obscene amount of food in the form of fresh water shrimp and snails in an isolated environment with minimal fishing pressure. This combination has resulted in an exceptionally strong and feisty rainbow trout that grows a tremendous rate reaching great sizes in a very short time. Stories of battles with enormous trout, blazing runs, amazing jumps and flips, hooks bent open, leaders and even rods broken, come out of every new group to visit the lake. Luckily, there are also many stories that end with photos of trophies unrepeatable anywhere else in the world.

There are a couple of camps that operate on the lake, but ours is the only one that runs a genuine lodge, the Laguna Verde Lodge. This is an oasis of comfort in a tough inhospitable environment. The structure is simple and rustic, but offers comforts found nowhere else within many miles in any direction: electricity and water 24 hours a day, bedrooms with good full size beds and on suite bathrooms, a cozy dining and lounge area with comfortable sofas for relaxing, watching the television, connecting to the Internet, or just enjoying a cocktail before dinner. Meals are composed of a variety of delicious national and international dishes acompanied by excellent Argentinian wines. These are comforts that are appreciated after a hard day of fishing.  In order to give guests a more varied experience Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge has purchased Lake Strobel Lodge located on the very shore of the lake. With this addition guests will have the option of spending a couple of nights at this smaller lodge from which they will have 24 hour access to the lake. This purchase has also added may kilometers of shoreline to make this offering far and away the  largest selection of water available at Lake Strobel. From the beginning of the season on November 1st until Christmas, Lake Strobel Lodge functions independently.

One and two handed 6 to 8 weight fly rods with floating lines. Recommended flies include a variety of streamers such as wooly buggers in black, olive and brown tied on size 6 to 10 hooks, large nymphs such as pheasant tails, princes, scud imitations in sizes 10 to 14.
For fishing in the river, we recommend a variety of dry flies and nymphs including elk haired caddises, attractors such as rio grandes or royal wulffs and large stone fly imitations and terrestrials including a variety of chernobyl ants.

Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge is simple but very cozy, offering fishermen the most comfortable lodging available in many miles in any direction. It can take up to 10 fishermen at a time in five double rooms, all with on suite bathrooms. Guests can relax and cozy dining room and lounge area where they will also enjoy delicious local and international dishes accompanied by excellent Argentininan wines. Other amenities include 220 v. electricity and hot water 24 hours a day, television, satellite telephone and Internet connection and a tying bench. During the first part of the season fishermen looking for more time on the lake have the choice of Lake Jurassic Lodge located onthe very shore of the lake.  Here the accommodation is more camp style: 3 fishermen to a room. But the lodging is warm and cozy and the food is just a good as at the main lodge.  From Christmas until the end of the season 2 or 3 day stays here are offered as part of the ELV program.

The lodge is located 300 kilometers to the north of El Calafate along Route 40. Most guests fly into el Calafate and are transferred by road to the lodge in a ride that takes about 4 hours. El lodge se encuentra a 300 kilómetros al norte de El Calafate siguiendo la Ruta 40. Arrangements can also be made for a rpivate charter flight from el Calafate to a nearby airfield.

Location: The Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge is located in the Argentinian Patagonia in the province of Santa Cruz. 

Season: November through April.

Best dates: De Noviembre a Diciembre y de Marzo a Abril.

Nº of rods allowed: 10 in November and December, 8 the rest of the season

Fishing techniques allowed: Fly

Species available: Rainbow trout


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