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River Blackwater, Ireland

The River Blackwater is Ireland’s second largest river after the Shannon, flowing 105 miles from its source through the counties of Cork and Waterford in Southern Ireland to the tidal area at Cappoquin. The river drains a catchment area of 1,200 square miles which includes five mountain ranges. The peaty nature of the terrain drained by the river gives it the characteristically dark color which gave rise to its name, the “Blackwater. In comparison to other Irish salmon rivers, the sport fishing pressure is relatively low. Even so, on average the sport fishermen catch between 5,000 and 6,0000 salmon per year.

Fishing for Spring salmon begins in February and March. Traditionally June and July offered fantastic runs of grilse, though commercial fishing at the mouth of the river eventually eroded the fishing. However, restrictions on commercial fishing in recent years have led to new hope for the future of the grilse run. For now the late run of summer salmon in August and September continues to provide good fishing.

Generally the Blackwater fishes best after a flood. The size of catchment area can lead water levels to fluctuate enormously during periods of rain. In flood conditions, spin fishermen will generally have the greatest success. As water levels drop and the river is still slightly colored, spinners, flies, shrimp and worm will all fish well.

The Blackwater is divided into numerous fisheries including both private and public waters offering day tickets. For its clients, PescaTravel generally reserves private beats in the vicinity of Lismore for exclusive use of its clients. Depending on the type of fishing desired, we will reserve waters that are more productive for spin, bait or fly fishing. Generally all of our programs will include a professional local guide to assure the highest probabilities for success.

One and two handed 8 to 9 weight fly rods with floating or intermediate sinking lines.

Flies: Depending on water conditions, various imitations of shrimp such as Allies Shrimp, Willie Gunn in sizes from 8 to 14 Ally’s Shrimp, Finn Shrimp, Foxford Shrimp (claro), Faughan Shrimp (oscuro), Orange & Gold Shrimp, No.1, Claret Shrimp, Yellow Shrimp, Claret Tail Bann Shrimp, Silver Shrimp, White Shrimp, Cascade, Bann Special, Curry’s red shrimp, Sunray Shadow (1 a 3 cm tubes) Hairy Mary y Purple Hillman IMP fly.

9 – 10 foot spinning rods with 15 gr action, One of the most effective lures is the “Flying C” which can be bought in different colors in any local tackle shop.

We offer various options for lodging including excellent bed and breakfasts as well as hotels in the Lismore area.

To get to Lismore guests may fli into Cork which is the nearest airport and then drive to Lismore (1 hr) or they may fly into Dublin and drive to Lismore (2 hr 40 min) moslty on good highways.

Location: We fish the Blackwater in the area of Lismore in the Counties of Cork and Waterford

Season: February – September 

Best dates:  May – June

Nº of rods allowed:  N/A

Methods allowed:  Fly, bait, artificial luresarilla

Species available: salmon, resident and searun brown trout

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