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San River, Poland

As venue of the 2010 FIPS World Championship of Fly Fishing, the San River was revealed as one of Europe’s premier fly fishing destinations and probably the best grayling fishery on the entire continent. The San is truly a treasure for European dry fly fishermen. Located in the extreme South – East corner of Poland, the San collects waters from numerous tributaries draining the Bieszcady National Park, one of the few areas of virgen forest still preserved in Europe.

The San is home to populations of grayling, brown trout and taimen, though undoubtedly it is the first of the three that make it such an exceptional fishery. The abundance of this species in sizes more than noteworthy is simply incredible. The average size of the San grayling is around 12 inches, however, large pods of fish in the 16 to 20 inch range can be found with relative ease. Anyone who has never fished for grayling on a dry fly will take delight in seeing how willing they will rise to a well presented dry fly. On the other hand, the larger examples of this fish represent a true challenge to even the most experienced fly fishermen, as fooling them generally entails the use of very small flies, very long fine leaders and perfect drifts.

Yet the San experience is more than just the fish. If you are lucky enough to be on the river at the right time to see one of the massive hatches of any of the number of efemera species that inhabit the river you will never forget it. If you have a problem with bugs in your, eyes, mouth, you might want to bring a head net just in case – it can happen any time between April and November.

Whether you are a novice fly fisherman or an experienced pro, you will find yourself in good hands with our operator. Highly experienced local guides and well known members of Polish, Chec and British flyfishing teams make up the guide crew of our operator. All during the season, these experts will be providing courses and individual instruction on fly tying, casting and fly fishing techniques.

Four and five weight fly rods with floating lines. Depending on the particular moment of the season, a variety of dry flies, streamers and nymphs can produce good results. Early in the season fishing will be mostly with streamers and nymphs. As the water warms efemera and caddis imitations in sizes from 14 to 20 may be effective. Later very small baetis and midge imitations tend to work best.

Lodging is in a comfortable full furnished and equipped guest house next to the San River. Guests are accomodated in double rooms with private baths.

Home base is a comfortable guesthouse located on the San River, just outside of the town of Lesko in the South-East corner of Poland very close to the border with the Ukraine and Slovakia. To get there guests will fly either to Krakow or Rzeszow where they will be received and transferred by van to Lesko.

Location: Home base is a comfortable guesthouse located on the San River, just outside of the town of Lesko in the far south-east corner of Poland near the border with Ukraine and Slovakia.

Season: De March to December.

Best dates: June, July, September and October.

Nº of rods allowed: Up to 6 angler can be accommodated comfortably.

Techniques permitted: Fly.

Species: grayling, brown trout and huchen.

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