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Since Russia opened up the Kola Peninsula to foreigners in the 1990s, visiting anglers have discovered that it is home to some of the most amazing Atlantic salmon rivers in the world. On the northern shore of the Peninsula, most of the rivers are very remote and can be reached only by helicopter. These  rivers tend to receive spring runs of large multi sea winter salmon. Even some of the smaller rivers offer good chances for fish in the 20+ lb range early in the season. The runs  however are generally less abundant than those of  the top salmon rivers on the southern side of the peninsula.  The early salmon in the southern rivers are actually not spring salmon at all, but rather late fall or early winter salmon which have arrived early and remained under the ice in the rivers. When the first of these salmon are caught in the spring, the are still bright silver hardly changed from their time in fresh water due to their low metabolism during the winter. Though the southern rivers’ salmon tend to be smaller,  the quantities of fish in the some of them can be incredible. After excellent fishing form late May through early July, there is usually a summer lull before fresh late summer and autumn salmon  begin arriving. Some ofthese rivers can continue fishing well into the fall. all of the programs we offer in the Kola Peninsula are designed specifically for fly fishermen and all fishing is strictly catch and release.

Our Destinations in the Kola Peninsula, Russia

Drozdovka River

The Drozdovka is natural marvel of a river producing huge Atlantic salmon year after year. Fishing out of a well appointed tent camp 6 rods have access to a wide variety of waters including an excellent home pool. 

Ponoi River

This is perhaps the most productive atlantic salmon river in the world. Even during it slowest weeks, the Ponoi may produce more captures than some well known rivers of Scotland or Canada may produce in an entire year. 

Sidorovka River

Located on the northern shore of Russia’s Kola Peninsula, the Sidorovka River is a fantastic remote destination for MSW salmon as well as sea-run brown trout. A small tent camp caters to groups of 6 fly fishermen at a time that have the entire river to themselves.

Varzina River

Every year the large msw salmon return from the cold waters of the Barents Sea to clear free running rivers of the Kola Peninsula. The Varzina is one of crown jewels among these rivers known by salmon fishermen around the world for its large and abundant salmon. .

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