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Aaelva River, Noruega

During the 2020 salmon fishing season, the Aaelva river was the most productive salmon river in Norway in terms of catch per rod. The Aaelva register 436 salmon caught by a total of only 46 fishermen.  Up until 2018, the majority of the Aaelva’s salmon water was fished exclusively by the owners of the Horstad Lodge and their private guests. At that time, they decided to open the lodge and its waters  to a limited number visiting salmon fishermen. Now these waters are fished by a maximum of 8 rods which are rotated through 19 named pools, which also have access to the rest of a total of 17 kilometers of river including seldom fished areas of upper river where it flows through a deep canyon. This area can provide spectacular fishing for adventurous anglers who are sure footed,  in good shape and do not mind a bit of climbing.  Otherwise, there is plenty of good fly water which is easily accesible for the somewhat less adventurous.

This beautiful river is known for its cristal clear waters, spectacular scenery and large salmon. Guest fishermen will find a variety of waters including excellent pools for sight fishing with a bomber or hitched fly as well long streamy pools with good currents to work your wet fly. What is great about the Aelva River is that not only does it provide great numbers in a variety of waters, it also provides anglers the possibility of catching trophy Atlantic salmon.  Guests will often come across fish in the 20+ kilo category. The icing on the cake for some anglers are the excellent numbers of seatrout which appear on the scene later in the summer. Depending on the moment and water conditions, the instrument of choice for most anglers will be a 12 to 15 foot two hand rod. However, dry fly fishermen will find choice water to break out their one rods to flutter a bomber down to a waiting fish.

During the week fishermen will enjoy the service of an experienced local guide (one guide per 2 rods). These seasoned professionals know all of the hot spots and the tricks for each moment to coax reluctant fish into biting. 

Guests are accommodated in the historic Horstad Gard Lodge, located at just a five minute walk from the river. The 13 bedroom lodge was carefully renovated to maintain its historic charm.   The facilities include a cozy library with a big open fireplace,  2 dining rooms, a sitting room, a large meeting room, as well as a small fly shop, fly tying area and a hut with a drying room to store waders and other gear.  

June: 14 to 15 foot, 9 weight spey rods. Floating, intermediate and sinking lines or skagit lines with a good selection of sink tips. A reel with an excellent drag and 150 meters of 25 to 35 pound test backing.

July and August: 12 to 13 foot, 7 to 8 weight two hand rods, switch rods or 9 to 11 foot one hand rods with intermediate sink and floating lines (particularly in August).

Flies should be progressively maller as the summer advances. Once into August possibilities for surface fishing with hiched tubes or bombers increase.

Flies: During the first partof the season large tube flies such as Sunray Shadows, Temple Dogs, Green Highlanders, Sillens o Phatakorvas. As the summer advances we recommend similar patterns in smaller sizes tied on double and treble hooks as small as a size 14 as well as hitch tubes and bombers. For sea trout small Black & Silvers can be very effective.

Guests are accommodated in individual rooms in the historic Horstad Gard Lodge located just a five minute walk from the river. From the lodge fishermen will access the lower part of the river on foot. The Horstad Gard lodge has a long history of salmon fishing having belonged to the reknowned English fishermen, Lionel Knight Rice, during the 19th century and early 20th century. Durign the stay guests will enjoy delicious meals with some of the finest local products including local game such as reindeer and moose and fish including halibut and cod, all prepared by an excellent chef. 

In order to arrive at the lodge guests will normally fly into Trondheim and later travel by road four and a half hours north to the lodge near the village of Abygda. If preferred a private van transfer from the Trondheim Airport to Horstad Gard Lodge can be arranged.

Location: The Aaelva River is located in central Norway, 284 kilometers north of Trondheim. The river flows 228 kilometers from its headwaters in Borgefjell National Park to its mouth in Tramsos.

Season: 1 June to 31 August

Best Dates:  All of June for msw salmon. July and August for a mix of grilse and seatrout. 

Nº of Rods allowed:  8

Permitted Fishing Techniques: Mosca

Species Available: Atlantic salmón and sea-run brown trout

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