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What our clients have to say about our trips

Destination: Pyrenees, Catalonia, Spain

“Hi George,
Just thought I’d drop you a quick note about the trip.
Miquel was fantastic.  He is incredibly talented, knowledge and a great teacher. His local knowledge has to be unmatched.  Everything went very smoothly, the hotel was great, the fishing was great and I had a great time!!!!

J. G.

San Francisco, California, USA,

Destination: Ter River, Pyrenees, Spain

“Having spent a little time (many years ago!) working in the flyfishing “leisure industry”………………………I was interested to learn since my return that I have not spoken to anybody who has fished for the Pyreneean trout. The Ter, although clearly heavily fished still provided some excellent sport for me and a good learning ground for my friend – who was thankfully paying you/Jordi! I had a lightweight 9.5ft rod that on the slower water in the heat of the day casting at full length to a rise (emerging olives) rewarded with some great fish. I was pleased and surprised. With regards the guide that you put me in touch with – I would recommend Jordi to any enthusiast. I wish that I had been able to spend more time with him myself, as although I have plenty of global trouting experience – local knowledge always rules supreme. And he ties top grade flies. His creations increased my hit rate by 50 – 60 % from using my own CDC’s. So, you ask about Jordi! He gets a 10 out of 10 in my book. You should use him in future. I didn’t see him fish but he was great with my novice friend. If his attitude to the river and his fly tying ability are anything to go by……………I would guess that he is also a superb trout fisherman! On the Sunday, it was too windy for skydiving and we set off. By 6pm 35 – 40 fish to the net – up to 1.5lb+ or 40cm+ over the day. An hour from our return to the coast I had a call to say that the wind had dropped and I could probably get on a sunset lift. Not that many places where you can have good dryfly fishing and jump out of aeroplanes in the same day. Could actually have tried to squeeze in a ski and water ski in the same day too…………………..Happy Days! Feels a world away now though! Let me know if you ever come to England. I would be interested to meet
Best Wishes, ”

Henry Titley

Kemble, Gloucestershire, England

Destination: Nordura River, Iceland

“Everything went perfectly from the pick-up at the airport, the lodge, the food to the guided fishing trips. Fishing was way behind previous years, but I still caught 5 salmons (biggest 78 cm) and a nice sea trout. Very happy about the result and the trip and no suggestion to further improvements.
Thanks and regards,”


Nykøbing Sjælland, Denmark

Destination: Lake Strobel(Jurassic Lake) & Esteros del Isoro, Argentina

“The trip was great, both parts. All the transfers and reservations came together without a hitch. I think three full days at each place is just about perfect. Thank you. Both places were quite unique in my experience. At Jurassic I caught the biggest trout of my life, (16 lb) at an extremely unusual place. The food and wine were great. The wind, as predicted, was formidable. Of the two I preferred Dorado Cua, although that 7 hour drive from B.A. is a slog. Mario is a character! There were two guys there from Germany, very nice chaps, to whom I sang your praises. I told them if they want to book a good trip, contact George Chang. The golden Dorado is a fierce fish with unbelievable fight. I don’t think either spot would be good for my wife, Linda. One is too windy, the other too hot. But fine for me. Please keep me on your mailing list and we’ll figure out something that both the fishing people in my family can experience.”

Byron Harris, Dallas, Texas

“Hi George,
I learned so much technique from Javier and David that not catching lot of fish because of poor weather didn’t matter. The guys immediately took me under their wings as a fellow brother of the angle. That brought me joy and comradeship of a kind I don’t get In Afghanistan. Kudos to PescaTravel travel for that. Made a big difference for me…”

Charles V. Ottawa, Canada

Destination: León, Spain

“Hi George
Thanks very much for the photos. Miguel was brilliant it was hard work due to the language barrier but we got by. When you speak to him next please pass on our thanks.
Also, many thanks to yourself for organising the trip it all went to plan as promised.
Kind regards

Nicola E. , Bodicote, Oxfordshire, U.K.

Destination: Tormes River, Avila Spain

“We had a great day ad Joan was a great guide!  Can’t really say I have any negative feedback, I’d be reaching if I tried. I’ve used guides all over the world.  Your communication was great and you provided all the necessary information in a timely manner.  That puts you ahead of 90% of all guides I’ve used.  Ha.  Keep it up! ”

Stephen A., Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Destination: Ter River, Catalonia, Spain

Hi George,
Just wanted to drop you line to let you know how much fun we had on our trip to Ireland. First I have to say Jarlath Winters, the Fisheries Manager was a gracious host to my self and my grandson Bryce. From the start we were invited into his “home” and treated like family. The lodge was as expected, a great place to stay, and the food service was exceptional.
The fishing was not hot but we did see some Salmon. Bryce had never thrown a fly rod and Jarlath again, had great patients working with Bryce to teach the basics needed to fish on the river. All of the equipment that the lodge had was top notch.
I thought you should know that it was a great trip and wonder experience for us.

Mark T., Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Destination: Glenmore Rivers Lodge, River Finn, Ireland

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