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Namsen River, Norway

For the Atlantic salmon fisherman looking for big fish, the Namsen River is definitely a destination to keep in mind. Every year fish of 40+ lbs are caught here.  The largest recorded salmon caught in the Namsen weighed 68 lbs! Curiously despite being such a good river for large fish, it also tends to be a very reliable river as it also offers excellent runs of 2 year salmon and grilse to assure good catch numbers.

The Namsen River is the longest river in Norway, its headwaters rising out of Borgefjell National Park and flowing a total of  228 kilómetros to where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean at Namsos. Various dams regulate the river assuring minimum water flows throughout the summer.

PescaTravel offers options for both fly fishermen and spin fishermen on some of the best beats on the upper part of the river including the famous Fiskum Foss beat or the excellent fly waters at Ovre Media, Fossland and Nedre Media.  Included in the Nedre Madia rotation is the lower beat of the  Sandola River, a tributary which receives a significant number of large salmon. For the early season we also offer fishermen the chance to fish various beats in the lower sections of the river below Skogmo. In this section “harling,” the traditional method of fly fishing from a boat, is especially effective. These beats are also some of the best for very large salmon.  

Two hand 9 to 11 weight, 14 to 16 pies foot rods with good reels loaded with 200 yards of 50 lb backing and 25 to 35 lb test leaders. Depending on the dates and the beats to be fished Intermediate sink and floating lines are usually most effective. a few of the deeper pools may require fast sinkling lines especially early in the season.

Flies: During the first part of the season lage tube flies such as Sun Ray Shadows, Temple Dogs, Green Highlanders, Willie Gunns or Gaula Golds dropping down ain size and the amount of dressing as the season advances. 

There are various options for lodging in the area including the Namsentunet Hotel located on the banks fo the Namsen on fromt of one of the best pools of the Fossland beat. This hotel can axxommodate up to 32 guests in 16 double rooms distributed among various traditional Norwegian wood cabins. Some of the cabins have their own fireplace, kitchen and dining room. The hotel complex also has a restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Guests may also enjoy access to two saunas and three hot tubs.

Most guest fly into to the Vaernes Airport outside of Trondheim and rent a car to drive to Grong on the E6 Highway which is about 3 hours to the north. The hotel is located on the outskirts of Grong.

Location: The  Namsen River is located in the region of Nord-Trondelag in central Norway. It flows a total of 228 kilometers from its headwaters in Borgefjell National Park to its mouth in Namsos.

Season: 1 de June to 31 August.

Best dates:  Mid Juneto mid July

Nº of rods allowed:  NA

Fishing techniques allowed: Fly and spinning

Species available:  Atlantic salmon, resident and sea-run brown trout

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