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Norway Salmon Fishing

PescaTravel offers a curated selection of some of Norway’s finest salmon fishing venues. Sportfishing has a long history in Norway. By the 18th Century English Nobles had already discovered the rivers of Norway as ideal destinations to fish for large Atlantic salmon on the fly. They would end up buying out the rights to some of the best rivers in Norway for their summer sportfishing destinations. Rivers such as the Aroy, the Namsen or the Reisa became the exclusive domain of a handful of privileged English fishermen for many years. Black and white photos of fishermen with enormous salmon bear testimony to these days. Today the salmon rivers in Norway are the destination of choice for travelling fishermen seeking trophy Atlantic salmon. After a number of difficult years in which some of the top salmon rivers in Norway had been devastated by gyrodactylus salaris infections, they are once again producing the trophy fish of yesteryear.

When we think of Norway, we think of wide powerful rivers which require flyfishermen to make good use of a large two handed rod. However, although many beats permit fly fishing only, there are still some very interesting options for spin fishermen as well. Generally salmon season in Norway begins at the beginning of June and extends until the end of August. The first part of the season is often only for the brave. These are dates we associate with cold high waters, cool and unstable weather, (especially in the north), big rods with heavy sinking lines and the largest salmon of the season, (although this is most often the part of the season when the salmon are also the scarcest). We should be aware that the risk of blank days or even weeks is greatest at this time of year. However, the rewards can be enormous. As we reach the end of June or the beginning of July, the numbers of fish entering most of the rivers will increase substantially. Depending on the river and the climate, late July and early August is when we may find some of the most difficult fishing conditions if the summer has been warm and dry. Some rivers may suffer low water levels and high water temperatures. However, this often the best time to fish hitched flies on the surface with lighter rods.

Our Destinations in Norway

Aaelva River msw Atlantic salmon

Aaelva River

In 2020 the Aaelva registered a total of 436 salmon caught by 46 fishermen,  making it the most productive salmon river in Norway in catch per rod day. A maximum of 8 guests at a time enjoy access to 17 kilometers of river. The Aaelva boasts appreciable numbers of very large salmon (20+ kg) as well as excellent catch rates.

Gaula River

This free flowing river is the second most productive salmon river in Norway, offering the chance of catching  large salmon all season. Through our local partner, the Norwegian Fly Fishers Club, we can offer what is  by far the widest and best selection of salmon water on the Gaula. 

Orkla River

Within average yearly rod catch of 5,500 salmon, he beautiful Orkla River is one of productive rivers in in Norway. Reminiscent of the Spey in Scotland, the Orkla is a farily shallow fast running river with excelletn fly water.

Malselv River, Norway

One of Norway’s big salmon rivers, the Malselv is wide free stone river with miles of fantastic fly water which also provides great sport for spin fishermen. In addition to receiving an excellent run of Atlantic salmon, the river is home to a large population of grayling which go virtually untouched given the focus of local fishermen on the salmon.

Namsen River

If your quest is for really large salmon, the Namsen is undoubtedly one of the Norwegian Rivers you should look into. Every year salmon in the 40 lb range are caught. For now the Namsen record stands at 68 lbs.

Reisa River

Not far from its sister river the Alta, the Reisa is also an excellent destination for very large salmon on the fly. In contrast to many other salmon rivers in the world the returns of very large salmon are constantly improving.

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