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Golden Dorado River Cruiser, Argentina

The Golden Dorado River Cruiser is a totally new of a kind program offering golden dorado fishing out of Buenos Aires. The focus is on fly fishing and spin fishing for dorado in the vast Parana River system and Río de la Plata wetland area which offers countless rivers, canals and lagoons teeming with dorados and other game fish. The area is largely untouched by sport fishermen. Guests are received at Buenos Aires’ International Airport or picked up at their hotel in Buenos Aires and transferred by road directly to a marina on the Parana River. They are then taxied on a small boat to the Golden Dorado Cruiser mother boat which will serve as a floating base for the rest of their fishing trip. The Golden Dorado Cruiser offers all of the comforts of a great lodge: comfortable air conditioned cabins with on suite bathrooms, gourmet dining accompanied by fine Argentinian wines and a great bar and lounge to relax in after the day’s fishing excitement – all in the middle of an wetlands wilderness. 

Throughout the season the Golden Dorado Cruiser mother boat is strategically situated in areas where we will find the best fishing given the moment of the year and the particular conditions of the moment. Every morning after breakfast guest will depart on speedy specially designed fishing boats to areas that have previously been explored by their guides often concentrating on the spot where clear waters mix with darker waters or underwater structure tends to concentrate the dorados.

At times the fishing can be frenzied, the water boiling with dorados on the hunt and a single cast may draw multiple strikes, hookups and misses. At other times guests will enjoy a more paused and deliberate fishing experience as we probe the structures along the edge of the water in search of larger dorados that may range up to 7 or 8 kilos. One of the highlights for many fishermen is fishing for these agressive fish on poppers, watching them come up to engulf the flies with their teethy mouths and then explode into the air with wild acrobatics.    

6 to 8 wieght rods with full floating or intermedate sink tropical lines.

Large saltwater style streamers imitating small fish in on strong very sharp hooks.

Fishermen are lodged in roomy double cabins with on suite bathrooms. The Golden Dorado River Cruiser can accommodate up to 8 fishermen at a time in 4 double cabins. Guests can relax in a spacious lounge and dining area. Here they will enjoy gourmet meals accompanied with fine Argentinian wines. Front and rear exterior terraces offer ideal viewing platforms for the incredible diversity of bird life and other wetlands wildlife.  

Depending on the location of the boat, guests may fly into Buenos Aires or Corrientes where they will be received by the Golden Dorado River Cruiser Staff and transferred directly to the sport marina closest to the mother boat’s location for transfer there. The program uses a number of sport marinas located strategicaly thoughout the river system where guests may board fast boats for transfer to the mother ship as quickly as possible. Normally road transfer will be no longer than 3 hours.

Location: The mother boat will be moved strategcally to different areas of the Parana River and Río de la Plata river systems, an enormous area with thousands of miles of wetlands, rivers, canals and lagoons.  

Season: All year long

Best dates: From December to March for abundant numbers of smaller dorados. May through September for larger dorados averagng 4 to 6 kilos.

Nº of Rods Allowed: N/A (The mother boat can lodge up to 8 fishermen at a time).

Permitted methods: Fishing with flies and artificial lures

Species: Dorados up to 8 kilos, pirahnas, surubi cat fish, wolf fish, vampire fish.

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