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Kvichak River

The Kvichak is one of North Ameica’s legendary trout rivers. The rainbows become huge here gorging on the eggs and flesh of the millions of sockeye that return to the river every year to spawn.

Kenai River

This is the destination to fish for the “salmon of your life”. The Kenai River produces the largest king salmon in the world, with fish that have been registered at over 100 lb in weight. It also offers excellent fishing for large rainbow trout and one of the biggest runs of sockeye salmon you will ever see.

Naknek River

The Naknek is an extremely versatile river which offers excelent fishing for sockeye and silver salmon as well as huge rainbow trout. In fact, it is one of Alaska’s best rivers for trophy size rainbows. Other species available include pink and chum salmon and a few kings as well as dolly varden and grayling.

Montana 4 Rivers

Our Four Rivers Program is designed to give you a taste of some of the best dry fly fishing that Montana has to offer while avoiding the crowds that can be found on some of its waters. Fishing is out of one comfortable location which many call the fly fishing capital of the United States, the town of Missoula.


Lake Strobel

Many fishermen consider Lake Strobel, a.k.a. Jurrasic Lake, the best fishing destination in the world for large rainbow trout. Here 8 to 10 pound rainbows are just average fish and you have a real chance for a 20+ pounder on every cast. The Laguna Verde Lodge is an oasis of comfort the tough inhospitable environment surrounding the lake.

Baker River

Located in one the most beautiful areas of the Chilean Patagonia, the Baker River is oneof the finest rainbow trout fisheries in the country. The extraordinary scenery around the lodge with the majestic turquoise colored Baker River surrounded by the intense green of the coigue forests and glaciar strewn mountains in the background is reminiscent of Alaska.

Paloma River

The Paloma River offers excellent fishing for rainbow and brown trout on the dry fly. Average sizes range from 35 to 50 cm, with good chances for trout in the 60 cm+ category. Unlike other destinations in Chile which require a lot of driving to get to the fishing, here most of the fishing is just minutes away from the lodge.

Puelo River

Located in a region of temperate rainforests in nothernmost part of Chile’s Patagonia, the Puelo offers great fishing for chinook salmon and large rainbow trout. A fine lodge with friendly experienced staff roundout one of the best value fishing programs you will find anywhere in Chile.

Lake Rosselot

Located in one of the regions of Chile with the least sport fishing pressure, the Chucao Rosselot Lodge is a worldclass destionation. If you are looking for good fishing for trout and chinook salmon in one of the most beautiful prestine areas of the Chilean Patagonia.

Yelcho Lake and River

Lake Yelcho has gained world-wide fame for fantastic dry fly fishing for very large trout during massive dragonfly hatches during the summer. The Yelcho River is the perfect complement to the lake providing fine fishing for enormous chinook salmon as well great sight fishing with small dries and nymphs for abundant rainbows and browns.


Laxá í Laxardalur

For a fly fisherman looking for big trout there are few destianations that compare. Also known as Laxá í Laxardal, this wide shallow beat consistently produces fish in the two to five pound range, often on dry flies.

Laxá í Myvantsveit

One of the finest fly fishing destinations fro wild brown trout in Iceland. The sizes of its fish usually run from 14 to 25 inches with 20+lb fish always present. Dry fly fishing can be excellent at times during the summer. It is a must fish destination for the travelling trout fly fisherman.

Minnivallalaekur River

This small slow flowing meandering river is a genuine spring creek originating in a couple of springs. The brown trout here which grow to enormous sizes are said to come from a strain which has been isolated since the Ice Age. It is a very technical dr fly stream where large trout can be taken on very small dry flies and nymphs throughout much of the season and monsters of 20+ pounds are always lurking in its deeper pools.


Ybbs River, Austria

The Ybbs River in Austria is a beautiful crystalline river which holds large populations of rainbow and brown trout as well as grayling in average sizes of 10 to 16 inches, but there are always good chances for fish in the 20+ inch range. It is a fly fisherman’s dream with fish that rise eagerly to a well presented dry fly.

San River, Poland

The San is home to populations of grayling, brown trout and taimen, though undoubtedly it is the first of the three that make it such an exceptional fishery. The abundance of this species in sizes more than noteworthy is simply incredible. 

Madrid & Central Spain

In central Spain, we offer guided fly fishing for trout in rivers throughout the communities of Madrid, Guadalajara, Cuenca, Avila and Salamanca.

Northern Coast of Spain

Some of the best best trout and salmon rivers run through landscapes of lush forests, jagged mountains and green rolling hills of the northern coast of Spain. PescaTravel offers guided fly fishing for resident and sea-run trout and salmon in the rivers of Galicia, Asturias, Santander and the Basque country.

Spanish Pyrenees

The gin clear mountain rivers of the Pyrenees in Navarra, Aragon and Catalonia hold excellent populations of native brown trout and brook trout. Many fine rivers are close enough to Pamplona, Huesca, Zaragoza or Barcelona for a day trip.

Leon & Palencia, Spain

Leon and Palencia make up one of the areas of Spain with longest traditions in fly fishing. PescaTravel offers guided fishing with fine local guides in some of the best rivers in these regions.

Varzina Trout Camp, Russia

This is fly fishing for trout as you dreamt it: huge wild browns often taken on dry flies in remote river virtually untouched by the hand of man. lake Enozero serves as an enormous nursery  producing huge migratory browns that distribute themselves throughout the river during the summer. 

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