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Iceland Salmon and Resident Trout and Seatrout Fishing Destinations

Salmon fishing is different in Iceland. The rivers run clearer and cleaner and are perhaps more interesting than any other salmon fishing destination in the world. The Atlantic salmon that return to its rivers may not be as large as those of Norway or Russia, but they make it up with their feisty temperament. One of the biggest advantages of fresh water fishing in Iceland is that the rivers are never overcrowded. Just about all of the salmon fishing in Iceland is privately managed.  The number of rods allowed on each river is limited by law to numbers that can be as low as 2 rods to an entire river and not more than 20 rods in the case of the largest and most productive rivers. Fishing on most rivers is limited by law to two 6 hour sessions: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The result is that Iceland’s salmon and trout rivers never get too much pressure and fishermen have a lot of water to fish. Depending on the river, lodging is also provided in the form of fully furnished and equipped self-service cabins or full service lodges.

Traditionally visiting anglers have focused on the fantastic offering of Atlantic salmon fishing in Iceland. However, in recent years many have discovered the incredible fly fishing for resident and sea-run brown trout in Iceland. Although the trout season is relatively short, during the summer months some of Iceland’s best trout rivers can offer dry fly fishing for native browns that will rival any of the finest trout destinations in the world. On the other hand, if you don’t mind throwing a streamer we offer a selection of venues which consistently produce very large resident or sea-run brown trout with fish in the 20 pound range caught every year.  If you are interested in combining salmon fishing with trout fishing in Iceland PescaTravel can put together a personalized itinerary for you providing transportation, expert local guides, fishing permits, lodging and meals. Below is a selection of some of PescaTravel’s favorite salmon and trout fishing venues in Iceland.

Our Destinations in Iceland

Andakilsá River

Located on the west coast of Iceland, this small two rod river is a favorite of the locals. Fishing permits come with the use of a comfortable fully equipped self-service cabin.

Breiddalsá River

Careful management has helped to make this beautiful river the destination of choice on the east coast of Iceland for many fly fishermen. The Breiddalsá River als has one of the best fishing lodges in the country.

Brynjudalsá River Iceland

Brynjudalsá River

This beautiful little two rod river is a sure bet during prime time for grilse. It also represents one of the best values  you can find for salmon fishing in Iceland. At just 35  kilometers from Reykjavik, it is ideal for a short trip.  Included with the fishing is a cozy little self-service lodge.

Autumn msw salmon Deildara River Iceland

Deildará River

The Deildara is well kept secret among the local fishermen. Located on the far north east coast, this three rod river doesn’t get much attention from visiting foreign anglers but its waters produce good numbers of large msw salmon. Its long slow pools are ideal for active fishermen who enjoy hitching or stripping flies to provoke strikes. An excellent self-service lodge is included with the fishing,

Salmon beat on the East Rangá  River, in ICealnd

East Rangá River

The East Rangá is consitantly ranks as one of Iceland’s two most productive salmon river by far. An aggressive smolt release program and careful management have led to incredible catch numbers. This is a large river, ideal for 2 hand rods. During the latter part of the season worming and spinning are also allowed.

Hitara RIver salmon

Hitara River

The Hitara is one of Iceland’s legendary rivers with a long history among British anglers. The Hitara is home to one of Iceland’s most iconic full service salmon lodges set on cliff overlooking the river in absolutely stunning surroundings. It is difficult to imagine better salmon fishing in such beautiful surroundings. The upper section of the river has its own self-catering lodge.

Jokla River

Located just north of Egilsstaðir on the east coast of iceland, the Jokla River originates on the eastern side of the Vatnajokull Glaciar and runs 100 kilometers before dumping into the Atlantic Ocean. Good sized msw salmon make up a high percentage of the salmon caught here. An intensive smolt release program has helped this river to increase catch numbers tremendously.

Lake Thingvallavatn Ice Age Brown Trout

Lake Thingvallavatn

The average size of Lake Thingvallavatn brown trout runs about seven or eight pounds, however, fish in the 30 pound plus range are not entirely uncommon. Every year during the Spring these beasts emerge from the depths of the lake to hunt the shores for recently hatched char fry.

Langá River

A fantastic grilse river with a wide variety of beautiful fly water ideal for fishing with one hand or switch rods. Every year it ends up as one of the top ten rivers in Iceland in salmon caught.

Laxá in Dölum

This wonderful little river on the west coast of Iceland has a fantastic average of around 1000 salmon caught on just 6 rods during an 80 day season. The majority if the fish caught are salmon weighing between 5 and 12 lbs, but every year fish in the 20+ lb category are caught.

Laxá in Kjos

They say that the fisherman who learns to fish this river properly, can fish any river in Iceland successfully. Its waters can be extremely technical and demanding, offering great opportunities to test ones skill fishing with floating lines and flies as small as a size 18. Every year it ranks among the top 10 rivers in Iceland in terms of annual catch with an average of around 1,200 salmon caught per year.

Laxá í Laxardalur

For a fly fisherman looking for big trout there are few destianations that compare. Also known as Laxá í Laxardal, this wide shallow beat consistently produces fish in the two to five pound range, often on dry flies.

Laxá in Leirarsveit

Laxá in Leirarsveit

The Laxá in Leirarsveit is an excellent seven rod river located on the west coast just 50 kilometers from Reykjavik. It ranks among the top twenty rivers in Iceland in rod catch every year, offering great access to the majority of its pools and easy wading. It is also one of the better values for slamon fishing in Iceland.

Laxá in Mývatnssveit

Laxá í Myvatnssveit is undoubtedly one of the finest destinations for wild brown trout in Iceland and probably all of the world. Sizes usually vary from 35 cm to over 75 cm. Fish in the 20+ ib category are hooked here every year. Dry fly fishing can be excellent at times during the summmer. A must fish destination for the serious trout fly fisherman!

Leirvogsa River, salmon fishing just outside of Reykjavik

Leirvogsá River

This beautiful little two rod river is located just 20 minutes from Reykjavik. It offers a nice selection of beautiful fly water as well as excellent pools for bait fishing by sight in the lower section of the river where this is allowed. It is fine choice for fishermen staying in Reykjavik who would like to experience one of Iceland’s  beautiful salmon rivers.

Midfjardará River Salmon Fishing

Midfjardará River

Located on the north-west coast about 3 hours north of Reykjavik, the Midfjardará is Iceland’s most productive wild salmon fishery having no smolt release program nor any artificial reproduction of salmon. It also offers some of the most beautiful fly water in Iceland, Fished by just 10 rods, its average annual rod catch is about 3400 salmon.

Minnivallalaekur River

This small slow flowing meandering river is a genuine spring creek originating in a couple of springs. The brown trout here which grow to enormous sizes are said to come from a strain which has been isolated since the Ice Age. It is a very technical dry fly stream where large trout can be taken on very small dry flies and nymphs throughout much of the season and monsters of 20+ pounds are always lurking in its deeper pools.

Nordura River

Considered by Icelanders to be the most beautiful river in the country, the Nordura usually ends up among the top five salmon rivers in the country in total annual catch. Its waters are varied and interesting and best fished with a light 2 handed rod or a switch rod early in the season. Fishermen stay at a good full service lodge overlooking the river.

Sela River, Iceland

Selá River

Known for it’s large msw salmon in surprising numbers, the Selá is one of Iceland’s greatest salmon rivers. Rods are difficult to come by as most prime dates are dead man’s shoes, but a few rods do come available now and then.

Sog River

The Sog or Sogid River is the largest clear water river in Iceland. This river is known to give very big salmon. It is best fished with a two hand rod by fly fisherman and also allows bait and spin fishing.

Stora Laxa salmon

Storá Laxá River

The Stora Laxá i one of Iceland’s most beautiful rivers and also one of its most productive. It offers plenty of fabulous fly water ideally fished with a two hand rod. FIshermen on the lower section are accommodated in an excellent full service lodge. The upper section comes with afine self-service lodge.

Tungufljot River

Local fishermen consider the Tungufljot Iceland’s answer to the Rio Grande in Tierra del Fuego. It is undoubtedly one of the best rivers in the country to fly fish for large sea-run brown trout. The average size of the seatrout here is about 7 or 8 pounds, but fish in the 10 to 20 lb range are not uncommon.

Iceland Salmon fishing

Vatnsdalsá in Vatnsfjordur

This little gem of a river is tucked away in the northwestern fjords of Iceland. It a small two rod river ideal for single hand rod fishermen. There is no lodge for fishermen but there is a good hotel nearby. It is a great value if you are looking for salmon fishing in Iceland on a budget.

West Ranga salmon fishing

West Rangá River

Along with its sister river to the east. overthe years the West Rangá has established itself as one of Iceland’s two most productive rivers. It is also a large river, ideal for two hand rods, although later in the season worming and spinning are also allowed.

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