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Fly fishing in León & Palencia:

Guides, Permits, Equipment & Lodging

The provinces of Leon and Palencia just to the South of Asturias and Santander make up one of the areas of greatest tradition in fly fishing in Spain. It was in this land that the Astorga manuscript dated 1624 first detailed the practice of confecting artificial flies for trout fishing in Spain. La Vecilla, another town in Leon, is home to the world famous Leon cocks raised for their brilliant saddle feathers.

We offer the travelling fly fisherman the chance to fish some of the mythical trout rivers of Spain including the Esla, the Porma, the Orbigo, the Luna or the Sil in Leon among others or the Pisuerga and the Carrion in Palencia with an excellent local guide. Depending on the dates and water conditions, we will select rivers offering the best possibilities of good hatches for the best dry fly fishing possible. Generally prime time for dry fly fishing will come in May and June. With the hotter weather in July and August, the best fishing on most rivers will be earlier in the day or late in the afternoon. However, we do have secret spots on shaded rivers where we often enjoy great dry fly fishing all day long. Many of the dam controlled rivers will be running high as water is released for irrigation purposes, thus we will often target smaller tributaries or areas higher up in the system.  as we head into the second half of September, we will begin to find the best conditions of the season for dry fly fishing on the dam controlled rivers as water flows are reduced. The primary target in these regions will always be brown trout native to the Iberian Peninsula.

With such a tradition in dry fly fishing for trout it is only natural that León and Palencia produce some of the finest fly fishermen in the world. Indeed we are fortunate to count on the services of two former world champions of fly fishing for salmonids, Pablo Castro & David García Ferreras to provide our Master Guide Service to clients as well as other fantastic local guides with an intimate knowledge of their waters and a technical mastery of the sport. If you are interested in learning Spanish nymphing or euro nymphing techniques or picking up some of the secrets of the highest levels of competitive fly fishing, in just a day with one of our guides you can learn things that will make you a better fly fisherman from then on. 

As for fishing licenses and day permits for controlled limited access waters, no worries, PescaTravel will take care of this ahead of time so you do not have worry about it. We do recommend that you book several weeks in advance to assure guide and permit availability and allow time for handling. 


For resident trout in the majority of rivers we fish, we recommend a 4 or 5 weight rod with a floating line. Leaders will generally run from 12 to 20 feet tapering down 5x, 6x and 7x depending on the waters fished and the flies to be used.

Recommended flies are quite varied. They include sedge imitations in different colors in hook sizes from 12 to 18, Imitations of a number of efemera including blue winged olives, march browns and others in hook sizes from 12 to 24, various stone fly imitations, midges in sizes from 18 to 24, terrestrials including ants, beetles and grasshoppers. Recommended nymphs include imitations in nymph or larval form of all the above mentioned flies.

We offer a number of lodging options from simple hostals or bed and breakfasts and rural chalets to 4 and 5 star hotels or Paradores. A favorite of our guests is the historic Parador de San Marcos on the banks of the Bernesga River in the capital city of León. 

Guests usually fly into Madrid and then drive or take a train to their final destination.

Fishing Locations in León and Palencia: We fish rivers throughout León and Palencia. In León depending on the area to be fished, guests may stay in the city of León, in the area of Ponferrada or in the area of La Vecilla. In Palencia guests may stay in Cervera de Pisuerga or Guardo. 

Trout Season in León & Palencia: 3 April – 15 October depending on the river and type fo water

Best dates to fish León & Palencia:  May- June, September – October depending on the river

Nº of rods permitted:  There is no limit on open water. On special permit water depending on the beat the number permits allotted varies

Methods permitted: Our programs are designed primarily for fly fishing

Especies disponibles: Brown trout

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