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Midfjardará, Islandia

Midfjardará is the quintessential experience in Atlantic salmon fishing in Iceland. Located in north-western Iceland, this wonderful river runs 115 km from its source to its mouth. Four rivers make up the river system including the main river the Miðfjarðará, the Austurá, the Vesturá and the smaller more intimate Núpsá. Together they provide some of the finest fly fishing for Atlantic salmon in the world. Of all of the rivers in Iceland which are completely wild (having no smolt release program), the Midfjardará is the most productive. It also happens to be one of Iceland’s best rivers for larger multi sea winter salmon.

The four rivers in the Midfjardará system provide extremely varied fly fishing in a total of 220 named pools. The emphasis of the management is on providing the best quality experience possible for visiting fishermen. Depending on the moment of the season fishing is limited to a maximum of 6 to 10 rods. The large amount of water included in the rotations assures that fishing pressure is limited and pools may be properly rested betweem fishermen. As a result, Midfjardará salmon tend to be surprisingly aggressive throughout the season. Skating a hitched flies on the surface tends to produce fantastic results throughout most of the season.

Rods:  We recommend 7 to 8 weight one hand or switch rods with floating lines. A a light spey rod or a switch rod can be useful  especially on the part of the main river. For smaller water in the system such as the Nupsá a one hand 7 wieght is ideal. 

Flies: red y black francis, sun ray shadow, collie dog, hairy mary, blue charm, undertaker, green y red butt on hook sizes nº 6 a 14 depending on the moment of the season and the waters fished, also a variety of hitch tubes

Guests are accomodated in the newly renovated Laxahvammur lodge in 10 rooms with on suite bathrooms. Guests may relax in a large lounge and dining area. The facilities include a good dry room for changing and drying out waders and equipment. Guests can also enjoy the views from the veranda of the lodge or relax in the outdoor jacuzzi. Should you need to purchase some flies there is always a large selection of proven Icelandic salmon flies and tubes on hand. For guests who are also golf enthusiasts there are even a couple of holes just outside the lodge.

GUests should fly into Kefavik International Airport. The lodge provides scheduled transportation by van from the airport and Reykajvik to the lodge. The Midfjardará River is located 195 kilometers to the north of Reykjavik just off of Highway 1, «the Ring Road» near Stadur. 

Midfjardará, Islandia

Location: a few kilometers north of Stadur in North Western Iceland  195 km norht of Reykjavík.

Season: 15 June to 19 September

Best Dates: 15 July – 31 August

Nº of Rods Allowed:  6 to 10

Fishing Methods Permitted: Fly

Species present: Atlantic salmon, sea- run brown trout, resident brown trout

Note: Please be aware that Icelandic authorities require a veterinary certificate certifying that any fishing equipment brought into the country has been properly sterilized. This service is also provided at a modest cost upo arrival at the airport. In order to travel to Iceland, EU citizens need only presnt a valid EU id. Citizens from other countries shpould present a passport valid for at least 6 months from the return date.

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